Gary Lunsford - Southeast / Florida                             

Over twenty years of experience in the environmental consulting industry.

Gary founded Avanco Environmental Florida. The two companies work close together and share resources. Gary is an environmental consultant and his responsibilities include; overall management of the company, asbestos project design and management, asbestos and mold inspections, Phase I,II and IIi environmental site assessments (ESA), IAQ testing and LEED IAQ testing

Paul VanCompernolle - Dallas                                   

Over Twenty Years Experience in the Environmental Industry, 

Paul co-founded Avanco Environmental in 1996. He has a B.S. in Business from the University of Kansas Business School. His responsibilties include; overall management of the company, contracts, insurance requirements, financial review, marketing, client networking, quality control, safety and regulation complience.

Maureen Smiley - Dallas                                       

Twenty Years Experience in the Environmental Industry,

Maureen has been with the company since it's inception. Her responsibilities include; corporate office management, scheduling, report generation, client relationships, marketing, financial accounting,insurance requirements, regulations, certifications billing and procurement

Brian VanCompernolle - Dallas                            

Over Twenty Five Years Eeperience in the Environmental Industry.

Brian co-founded Avanco in 1996. He has an extensive background in the environmental industrry.

Matt White - Houston                                                 

Over Ten Years Experience in the Environmental Industry. 

Matt manages our Houston, TX office. He is also our senior project manager. Matt came to Avanco Environmental in 2007. His responsibilities include; asbestos project design and management, asbestos and mold inspections, industrial hygiene, Phase I, II and III environmental site assessments (ESA), indoor air quality (IAQ) testing, LEED IAQ testing and NARA IAQ testing.

James Otto - Dallas

Over twenty years experience in the environmental industry.

James has served as the environmental consultant since the company's inception.